Vayeshnoi to boycott Parliament sittings

  • 10th January 2003
  • 2003
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Fiji Labour Party parliamentarian Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says he will boycott all sittings of the Lower House until Government intervenes to lift the roadblock at Nabitu, 30 km away from Sigatoka town.

The Indian settlers at Nabitu, mostly poor farmers, have been suffering ever since a tollgate fee was introduced at Nabitu several years ago for use of the access road.

The Fiji Labour Party has repeatedly condemned the levy as sheer extortion and harassment of the Nabitu people.

Villagers of Nabitu have installed an iron gate on the Government owned road charging $5 to $20 to any vehicles that enter or leave.

The road is mostly used by farmers who live in the interior in the Sigatoka Valley and use the road to go to school, to visit town and to take their produce to sell along the main highway.

Vayeshnoi has been fighting for justice for the Nabitu people since the problem first started. He has highlighted the plight and suffering of the Nabitu farmers in several motions before Parliament.

Raised the issue with the Fiji Human Rights Commission and overseas governments. But the people of Nabitu are still suffering because of government’s indifference to their plight.