Why Fijian Holdings to build $20m Police HQ?

  • 30th June 2009
  • 2009
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Fiji Labour Party questions government decision to let the $20m Police headquarters be built as a Fijian Holdings project to be leased to the Police Force for 20 years on completion.

“Why was Fijian Holdings Ltd (FHL) selected without other interested parties being given an opportunity to make their bid?” Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry asked.

“The decision contravenes Fiji’s financial regulations and lacks transparency. The proper procedure should have been for government to call for expressions of interest. In fact, it should by right be a government project,” he said.

Mr Chaudhry warned that the Police Force would end up paying through its nose if it were to lease the building from Fijian Holdings as it would be a profit making venture for the FHL.

Secondly, FHL is already struggling for funds to settle its BP Oil deal. Where will it get the money from to finance the $20m building project?

Mr Chaudhry also questioned government wisdom in allowing the prime commercial site in Selbourne Street to be used for Police headquarters which is not a money-generating venture.

“The Selbourne Street location is an ideal commercial site which has the potential to generate substantial income for government where it to be properly developed as a commercial complex and leased out to the private sector,” he said.