Yabaki was a coup plotter: coup convict

  • 12th January 2006
  • 2006
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Former coup convict Maciu Navakasuasua insists Konisi Yabaki was one of the coup plotters but was now trying to “save his skin”.

Yabaki, Minister for Forests and Fisheries has denied allegations by Navakasuasua and his accomplice Josaia Waqabaca that he was one of the key figures along with Navitalia Naisoro and Watisoni Nata who wanted to blow up Nadi Airport at a time when Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry was travelling through it in 1999.

“Maybe that is the easy way out for these guys or I should tell more to refresh their memories,” Navakasuasua told the Fiji Sun (12 Jan).

He told of how during a luncheon with Naisoro and Yabaki, the bomb plan was discussed and a demonstration was carried out by an unidentified person.

“We were shocked since we were explosive experts and we wouldn’t do that publicly,” Navakasuasua said.

He has cautioned other Fijians from being used by such self-serving people in the future.

Navakasuasua, now based in Sydney, has also offered to come down to Fiji to testify against these people.