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Hello and Welcome to the FLP website

“I know that for many of your life is getting harder. Keeping a roof
over your head, putting decent food on the table for your family, and
getting quality health care for your loved ones has become a tough

People from all backgrounds tell me that the cost of living is very high
and that they are finding it difficult to make ends meet. The shocking
truth is that over half our people either live in poverty or on the verge of it.

Although we may not have been in parliament in the past 4 years, we have continued to stand by you, making Labour’s voice heard on all matters that have made life difficult for you – the imposition of VAT on basic food items, the fight for a fair national minimum wage for workers, the assault on the rights of workers and so on…

Now we are ready to take on a new challenge for a prosperous and stable Fiji where everyone gets their fair share.

We want to tackle the root causes of poverty by empowering our people so that you can live in dignity – earn fair wages, afford healthy nutritious food for your families, give your children a decent education and have access to affordable, quality health care.

We want to see that our workers are treated fairly, that they have security of employment and that their jobs and rights are fully protected. We want to substantially reduce the high unemployment rate among our youth.

We want a government that is transparent and accountable to the people. We want to rid the nation of corruption and nepotism.

We want Fiji to once again enjoy genuine democracy where the rights and freedoms of our people are fully protected and there is respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Labour stands before you with a proven record of 33 years of dedicated service to all the people of Fiji. The achievements of the Labour governments of 1987 and 1999 stand as true testimonies of our ability to govern. Our compassion and sensitivity to the needs of our p e ople and our courage to maintain course in the face of adversity remains unmatched.

Our 2018 Election Manifesto presents to you once again Labour’s vision for our nation – a dynamic set of carefully thought out policies to address the key issues that confront us.

We are confident we can reshape our economy and create opportunities that will deliver on the expectations and aspirations of the people.

Vote Labour to enable us to translate our vision for you into reality. Vote Wisely.

God Bless Fiji

Mahendra Chaudhry


FLP Manifesto for the 2018 General Elections. Download here »